"The GSI Advantage"

The GSI Consulting Group specializes in Quality Assurance and Software Testing

“The GSI Advantage” improves the Quality and Timeliness associated critical enterprise systems.  Since 1989, the GSI Consulting Group has specialized in Quality Assurance and Software Testing.  This experience has resulted in a proven testing methodology encompassing “best industry practices” with the flexibility to adapt to an organization.  GSI consultants bring unparalleled testing experience in test planning, test execution, problem detection, automated test tools and reporting test results.

Improve Quality

Reduce Cost

Increase Productivity

Software Testing Methodology - The software testing methodology incorporates industry “best practices” to provide   a flexible and adaptive Quality Assurance model for software testing.  The GSI testing methodology includes integration with the project methodology, test planning, test execution, documenting defects or problems, regression testing, the use of automated test tools and reporting test results to ensure the system is ready for production. 

Testing Repository - Testing is the process of examining the software components with the intent of verifying the required business functionality.  Using a testing repository can increase productivity during software testing.  Over the years, GSI Consulting has developed a test repository suite for all aspects of Quality Assurance and Software Testing.  Within the testing repository is a baseline of test plans for system and integration testing, User Acceptance Testing and parallel testing along with other useful test tools.  The Quality Assurance team has a definite advantage when using the GSI testing methodology coupled with the test repository. 

Best Practices - The use of best industry practices can reduce cost and increase productivity while improving the quality of the software delivered.  These practices are tested and proven across industries.

Experienced Resources - Testing can consume between 25% - 35% of the project resources and cost.  Experienced Quality Assurance software testing can improve productivity and help to deliver projects on time and on budget.  GSI consultants are highly skilled, trained, and competent and have an average of 5 – 8 years of Peoplesoft / Software Testing experience. Many are Certified Software Quality Analysts (CSQA) and/or Certified Software Test Engineers (CSTE).  GSI will partner with your organization to develop a flexible staffing solution to build the best software test team.