Test Resources

"Experienced testing resources can increase productivity, improve quality and reduce overall cost" – Rich Goselin

Testing Resources Identify who will be doing the software testing (i.e. roles and responsibilities of the test team members) along with the process and procedures to be followed.  Resource commitments from the project team, such as technical infrastructure support, SME’s, as well as the end users, should be clearly defined and outlined.  The success of the testing efforts involves the integration of all of these key resources. 



Experienced Resources - Testing can consume between 25% - 35% of the project resources and cost.  Experienced Quality Assurance software testing can improve productivity and help to deliver projects on time and on budget.  GSI consultants are highly skilled, trained, and competent and have an average of 5 – 8 years of Peoplesoft / Software Testing experience. Many are Certified Software Quality Analysts (CSQA) and/or Certified Software Test Engineers (CSTE).  GSI will partner with your organization to develop a flexible staffing solution to build the best software test team.  

GSI can deliver a flexible staffing solution allowing your organization to maintain control.  This can range from supplementing existing staff to maintaining an on-site or offsite solution.